Siege Offense Guide – Part 1 by jx297

11/02/2018 : initial post
11/21/2018 : Added section for Tian Lang

1. Countering Khmun Grego +1 (Harmonia, Iris, Betta, etc.)

The safest way to counter these teams is with Bulldozer or Kahli. There are numerous supports that can work with Bulldozer – the best is Olivia Racuni, but any combination of def buffer, heal, and cleanse is viable. For example, you can substitute Olivia with Emma/Talc/Basalt just fine.

With Kahli teams, I like to pair her with an atk buffer (Kona, Teon, Fran, Chasun, etc.) and a reviver/pseudo-reviver for safety (Triana, Hwadam, etc.). The other color Kahlis (water, light) are good too for setting up elemental advantages so that your squishy Kahli doesn’t get hit as much.

If the +1 on the Grego team is not a stripper or immunity buffer like Orion or Racuni, you can also just shield/will cleave it.

2. Countering Garo

A lot of meta Garo defs don’t have strippers or immunity so you can easily shield/will cleave them. Julie Galleon is obviously the best, and in those comps your +1 should be some sort of non-water tank that can either provide additional protection against Orion RNG (something with a cleanse like Harmonia or Lisa – this is best against Susano Orion Garo), or a bruiser that has some damage potential which can help finish off monsters in case you get unlucky and miss def breaks (Eshir, Jultan, Ramagos, etc.).

If you run out of Galleons, be creative and use combinations of atk buffer (Hraesvelg, Fran, Qeb, etc.) and aoe def breakers (Luer, Mantura, Malaka, etc.). L/D Samurais are a good alternative to Julie against the common Garo Ludo Hraesvelg def, and if you don’t have them then fire AoE nukers like Jun or Clara are also good.

If Garo is the only damage threat, you can also bring a strong wind tank, a water healer/cleanser, and a water damage dealer.

3. Countering Mo Long Perna Triana

The trick to countering this team is to not use any fire monsters. If you don’t bring any fire, Mo Long will only def break water, and Perna will still target wind over def broken water. So put together your favorite team of water/wind bruisers/sustain, popular choices include Camilla, Chow, Xing Zhe, Chasun, Theo, Woosa, Ritesh, Elad, Chandra, Feng Yan, etc.

4. Countering Mo Long Perna non-reviver

Just Copper these. Khmun is my favorite support for the Imesety Copper team but most other sustain monsters will work.

The above 10 fights were all from a single siege to give you an example of a realistic set of 30 swords against multiples of similar meta siege defs. The following is a bonus of additional Mo Long counters from other wars since I focused more on the 4* towers during that siege.

5. Countering Mo Long Perna reviver

I like using anti-revive monsters here like Avaris and Mara.


6. Countering Tian Lang + Reviver (Thanks distantarray!)

The team works cause leo balances attack bar, and tian langs passive steals less than 50% so the boosted mon can take the next turn. Maras 3rd skill multipliers are close to ignore defense lvl of damage. Aftrr mara and the booster should die, but leo can comfortably solo from there. It works against popular Tian, Zeratu , Elad or Tian , Molong, Perna defenses. Just hit 1 shot their damage and rest becomes a Leo solo.

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